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Current Article: How do I add an image or photo to a web page?

Express Link: Admin Home > Gallery > Upload

Detailed Instructions to Upload Image:
From the CMS Admin Home Page:

1. Click the Gallery(s) icon or tab.

2. Click the Upload icon.

3. Select an existing Image Gallery from the drop-down menu or create a new Image Gallery in the open text field.

4. Click the Browse button and locate the image file on your computer's hard drive.

5. When you have completed selecting all of the images you wish to upload, click the Upload button.

6. Your images have now been uploaded to the server and are ready to be placed into a web page.


Express Link: Admin Home > Content > Website Pages

Detailed Instructions to Add Image to Web Page:
From the CMS Admin Home Page:

1. Click the Content icon or tab.

2. Click the Website Pages icon.

3. Select the web page you wish to add image.

4. Place your cursor at the location you wish to add your image. Click the Insert image from album button.

5. Select the album from the drop-down menu that contains the image you wish to add.

6. Click on the image you wish to add to this web page. The image has now been added. Click the X in the top right corner to close the popup window.


Additional Options:

1. For additional image options: after the image has been added to the web page, click on the image and then click the Insert image from album button.

2. Click on the Advanced tab. Options include: fixed sizes, image titles, image links, image position, etc.

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